Wednesday, February 26, 2014

My first fiberglass repair

As mentioned in an earlier post the small starboard bulkhead became came loose and I was able to remove it without using much force. 

Today and tomorrow the weather forecast promises temperatures between 5 C and 10 C. I decided to take advantage and do a bit of fiberglass work. The loose starboard bulkhead was on the top of my to do list. I wrapped the bulkhead in thick plastic as I intent to bolt the bulkhead in place (just like the port side bulkhead).

I used West System 105 in combination with thier 205 fast hardener. The 205 hardener will cure in temperatures above 40F / 5C ( 

In hindsight I should have cut the strips of glass a little wider. I'm planning to let it cure fully, sand the surface and add some more layers.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Preparing to insulate the hull

10  cheap roll mats
As a part of the restoration of Obelix I would like to beef up the insulation of the hull. Originally there
was only 3 mm of foam glued to the inside of the hull. If I need to I would like to be able to spend a winter living in reasonable comfort onboard Obelix. After goggling for a while I came across S/Y Blue-bird and Jakob. Jakob spent a winter living on his Ballad in Copenhagen. I had the opportunity to visit Jakob and Blue-bird last month. He told me that he used 12 mm cheap roll mats and 3 mm GL foam backed vinyl on top.

I've chosen to do exactly as Jakob described. I went to the same chain of stores where he bought his roller mats and purchased 10 mats. Two days later I came across a good deal (120 DKK / meter) on some white 3 mm GL foam backed vinyl and ordered 10 meters.

Now it's just a matter of waiting for the weather to get wormer. In the mean time I'm still not done varnishing all the trim pieces. Luckily I'm getting closer most of the pieces only need the last coat (satin varnish).