Sunday, August 18, 2013

Removing plywood video

A quick test to play around with uploading a video to youtube from my iPhone 5.

Considering ordering a GoPro Hero 3 to document the progress and to take sailing once the restoration project is finished.

A slow start, removing plywood

Removing plywood, cabin portside

Today I started removing plywood from the portside of the cabin in my lovely 1973 Albin Ballad. Sadly I had to stop due to my back acting up. I got a herniated disc as a result of falling down a flight of stairs last october. I did get an operation in december but still have a lot of problems with pain and loss of feeling in my left leg. But that's another story. Feels good getting started although progress is slow. Isn't there a saying that goes something like "slow and steady wins the race"? If so it's only a matter of time ;)

Stay tuned for more exciting adventures.

Marine Grade vs. Exterior Grade Plywood

What is the deal with marine grade plywood? 

Having a hard time figuring out if you really need to pay the premium and use "real" marine grade plywood for the interior of your sailboat? Me too!

During the last couple of weeks I've spent some time trying to figure out what to do in my 1973 Albin Ballad. Why bother with all this and simply not just pay the premium? Firstly, I'm curios. Secondly, in Denmark there only seems to be one supplier of BS 1088 marine plywood. Not surprisingly their prices are a bit high. 340 USD for a single sheet (16 mm). Keep in mind, that price is for okoume and not anything fancy like teak or mahogany. Seeing as I need about 15-20 sheets a bit of digging seemed like a good idea.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Home, Sweet Home

Finally got the boat home. Thanks to a very skilled crane operator she now sits comfortably in my front yard.
Up, Up and Away

Pre hull cleaning

Monday, August 5, 2013

And so it begins...

Soon to come: rantings and ravings during the restoration of an 40 year old sailboat.

Getting ready!