Tuesday, March 11, 2014

A closer look at the engine (Volvo Penta MD6A)

1970's Volvo Penta MD6A (saltwater cooled) 
My neighbor helped me take a closer look at the engine (he's a mechanic). I now have a basic understanding of how my engine works, what parts may fail, common problems and what to make sure I service on a yearly basis. It is extremely comforting.

While looking at the engine it turn out that there was a leak from the exhaust elbow (see below image, just above the exhaust hose). Next day I called Volvo to enquire about a new exhaust elbow and was told it would be impossible to find a replacement. Luckily it turns out it's not impossible to find spare parts for my old MD6A - infact it is easy. By coincidence I stopped by Nordjysk Marine later that day.  I was there to exchange some Dubarry Ultima boots. When I mentioned my broken exhaust elbow it turned out they were able to order a replacement for me. In fact I was even given a choice between a cast iron or stainless version. As the price (roughly USD 200) was identical I chose to go with the stainless version. I also ordered a new thermostat and some gasket. I'm really looking forward to putting it all back together again.

All in all a very comforting experience. I have no illusions; my engine is old and will break down at some point and it will be too expensive to fix (vs buying a new or used engine). But for now I should have a reliable engine.
Manifold and exhaust elbow

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  1. hey, nice to know you, i have bougth an old boat with the same engine. the problem is that the engine doesn't start, i've changed the bayyeries but... nothing. the only thing that happens once i turn the key on is zzzz from the starter that spins reguarly but nothing else, no coughing no chatting as you aspect from an old diesel engine! can you maybe help me with some suggesion? consider that the engine has been stopped since 2 years. my email is filippo.defrancisci@gmail.com
    thank you