Sunday, September 15, 2013

Loose bulkhead

I had noticed that the aft bulkhead in the starboard side was "glassed in" as opposed to being bolted the the hull like all the other bulkheads. Normally all bulkheads in the Ballad are bolted to in place. The are only two places Albin would normally glass in plywood (both around the water tank). Something must have gone wrong while outfitting hull #332. This might not be anything to be alarmed by but the bulkhead was loose and I was able to remove it without using force. The fiberglass on the bulkhead didn't adhere to the hull. Good thing that didn't happen while at sea in bad weather!

As I'm going to "refurbish" the old bulkheads to avoid spending money on marine grade plywood I needed to remove the fiberglass from the bulkhead. If only marine grade plywood wasn't so outrageously expensive in Denmark *sigh*.

Bulkhead gone!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Last of the plywood

I had a little time yesterday and managed to remove the last of the interior.  The large bulkhead is too big to get it out of the boat. I will need to sand and paint it inside the boat.

Only the large bulkhead remains inside the boat

Aft look

Monday, September 2, 2013

Almost done removing plywood (interior)

Progress is slow. 

Due to my back/leg problems progress have been very slow. In fact credit for most of the progress since my last post goes my parents. They dropped by this weekend to lend a hand.

Most of the plywood have been removed from the interior. Only two bulkheads remain. I'm considering refurbishing the old bulkheads (instead of spending 1700 USD on marine plywood). If the last two bulkheads are in as good of a condition as the ones I have already removed I'm going to experiment with painting them using Interlux Toplac (also known as International Toplac).